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We take pride in producing unique spirits from local ingredients at our distillery in San Francisco. At the same time, we are quick to recognize the excellence of our fellow distillers who specialize in certain spirits. Rather than try to make a scotch whisky in San Francisco, we partnered with storied distilleries in Scotland to create the perfect blend for His Majesty the King Scotch Whisky. Similarly for our cognac we traveled to France to seek out the best barrels we could find for Majesté VSOP & XO. We are honored that our brands have been selected for multiple awards and accolades and are thankful for the wonderful response we get from people who give our products a try.

Hana Gin

One of the most awarded gins in the world, Hana Gin is a crisp and vibrant gin, combining beautiful citrus, juniper and floral ingredients. “Hana” is the Japanese word for ‘flower’ and is the inspiration for our bottle design and the spirit within. On the back of the tear drop shaped bottle is an etched orchid.

Staying true to the Japanese ethos of simplicity, Hana Gin is made with only 4 botanicals. While most gins have a complicated mixture of 15 – 30 different components, Hana is made with Juniper, Orange, Lemon and Lavendar. These four botanicals are meticulously sourced, before going through the rare and technical ‘vacuum’ distillation technique. Vacuum distilling allows us to maintain the subtleties of each of the core ingredients.

Excellent either straight or in classic gin cocktails, Hana Gin is a new take on an old category.

Hana Gin
Ice Fox

Ice Fox is inspired by the beautiful and elusive Arctic Fox. To protect our endangered Arctic Foxes, Ice Fox donates a portion of proceeds to the World Wildlife Fund in hopes to protect the foxes’ natural habitat.

Ice Fox is made from the highest quality American corn, giving Ice Fox a subtle and slightly sweet finish. We source our corn from some of the longest-standing farms in the United States, as we are highly selective of both the quality of our produce and the integrity of our suppliers.

After fermentation, our Master Blend combines the slightly sweet corn spirit with water from the pristine Sierra Mountain range in California. We only use the purest water to make Ice Fox ensuring a clean and crisp taste. Ice Fox is consistently rated amongst the best vodkas in the world.

Ice Fox
Motu Rum

Motu Rum is more than just an award- winning spirit brand. It was born from our deep-seated relationship to the South Pacific and our love of island life. Distilled from the highest quality sugar cane molasses, grown in the beautiful tropics, Motu carries flavors and notes distinct to each of its unique ingredients.

Our rum gets its name – “Motu” – from the Polynesian word for “island,” and we hold our product to this high standard. Grown in the tropic, distilled on the islands, and imported into the United States through San Francisco’s Treasure Island, Motu holds true to its roots and name.

This product was even served to Kings and Queens at the coronation of the King George Tupou V in the last Kingdom of the South Pacific, Tonga.

Motu Rum
Ol Major Bacon Bourbon

Bacon + Bourbon = Heaven

We could keep it simple and leave it at that, but the story of Ol’ Major is just as unique as the product itself.

Discovered by two bacon loving brothers, Ol’ Major is the product of years of experimenting with different combinations and types of bacon and bourbon. Through our proprietary pressure infusion process, we have managed to combine the mind blowing tastes of both bacon and gold medal award winning bourbon.

Ol Major Bacon Bourbon
Hm The King

HM or “His Majesty” the King is an extraordinary Scotch Whisky.

An exquisite blend of exclusively Highland single malts and grain whiskies from around Scotland, HM the King’s unique, balanced blend was carefully selected by Scotch Whisky connoisseurs from Scotland’s most storied houses, including The Dalmore, Jura and The Highland Queen.

Mellow, vanilla and honey notes on the palate give way to a smooth and round aftertaste with subdued smoke and late peat. The beautiful bottle, a winner of Queen Elizabeth’s Award for Design, mirrors the extraordinary Scotch Whisky within.

Hm The King
Glen Oak

The Glen Oak Single Malt whiskies are limited release selections of Scotland’s most exclusive casks, which are distilled and aged in two of the country’s best whisky regions.

Made privately in two of the most storied and acclaimed distilleries in the Scottish Highlands and Islay region, Glen Oak’s initial three expressions are the balanced 10YO, the dynamic 17YO and the rare 30YO.

The next expression will be a 300 bottle release of Glen Oak 28 Year Old.

Glen Oak
Majeste Vsop Xo

Similar to our approach to our single malt scotches, we acquire our cognacs on a barrel by barrel basis, seeking out only the best lots of cognac we can find.

The result are incredibly rich and dynamic flavors. Our VSOP, one of the highest rated Cognacs in Wine Enthusiast, boasts bold notes of butterscotch, caramel and pepper. It is ideal for a post dinner glass, served neat.

Majeste XO is aged in Limousin oak casks for at over 10 years, while minimum XO aging is only 6 years. Majeste XO’s additional time in the barrel bring out its round, sweet flavors.

Majeste Vsop Xo


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Branded Spirits is a family owned and operated business based in San Francisco, CA. We make craft spirits at our small, independent distillery on Treasure Island. We also travel the world to source incredible whiskies and cognacs from France to Scotland to Kentucky.

George Chen

Over 25 years in Beverages Industry in both United States & China. He is also the Founder of China Distribution & Logistics, A fastest growing distribution companies in China. George has lead distribution teams throughout China for some of the world’s largest beverage brands, including Heineken, Evian and Lipton Ice Tea.

George Chen

Founder | Global CEO
Nicholas Chen

After working in Real Estate private equity, Nick joined Branded Spirits in 2011. Nick spent 2 years as the Brand Development Manager in Branded Spirits’ Hong Kong office. Nick is responsible for launching the portfolio in the United States, growing to over 18 states in just over 2 year’s time.

Nicholas Chen

Chief of Staff
Britt Bachner

Educated at prestigious Lausanne Hospitality School in Switzerland. 30+ years of experience in Food and Beverages Industry.

 Matti Salomaki

Recent Buying and Inventory Manager with a background in logistics and maximizing operational efficiencies. Versatile, reliable & organized with 7 years of experience procuring & shipping objects to customers globally. Matti handles all the logistics & production for BSL.

Matti Salomaki

Logistics Manager
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